The hirestaff Charter

Our purpose is to provide a relationship-first approach to recruitment to our partners and representatives and attract high-quality, dedicated people who want to make a difference.

We value building and nurturing relationships with our partners, representatives and team members. We believe our successes depend on the strength of our relationships.

We’re entrusted with the care of our partners and representative’s employment needs, including life-changing decisions, and we take this responsibility seriously.

How we work is just as important as what we do.

We act with integrity and respect each person who touches our business. We do the right thing, no matter who’s watching.

We’re a family partnership and work collaboratively to succeed.

Our relationships flourish when we trust each other to be honest and open. We encourage everyone we work with to have a voice throughout the entire recruitment journey.

We care deeply about the quality of our work and hold ourselves up to the highest standards of service and professionalism.

We build relationships and trust by delivering on our promises. When we say we’ll do something, we follow through and get it done. If we get something wrong, we own up to our errors and learn from them.

Our promise of service excellence is our pledge to continuous learning and training so that hirestaff can always improve what it does, and our team members develop as individuals.

We’re committed to fostering a caring, relationship-centered environment which ensures everyone in the hirestaff family feels valued, respected, empowered, and happy.

Our entrepreneurial energy enables us to look beyond boundaries and act with passion, determination and confidence to bring positive change.

Celebration. We’re a family of dedicated, kindred spirits. We’re proud of who we are, what we do every day and it’s a pleasure to do it as a chosen family.